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Perth and Kinross Community Watch
12 January 2023

Neighbourhood Alert

Scam Share Bulletin

Happy New Year and welcome to the first edition of the Scam Share bulletin of 2023!

Stay Scam Aware and please keep sharing any relevant information in this bulletin with friends and family.

In this issue -
Recently Reported Scams
- HMRC Direct Debit Scams
WhatsApp Scams
Citizens Advice Scams
Cost of Living Payment Scams

Ongoing Scams/Campaigns
- Recruitment ScamsBank Scams

Perth and Kinross Community Watch
23rd November 2022

Neighbourhood Alert

Safety Message - Energy Theft

The following message has been circulated on behalf of SGN.

SGN is supporting Crimestoppers’ national campaign stayenergysafe to highlight the dangers of energy theft and how to spot it.

Tampering with or bypassing the gas meter is extremely dangerous. As well as being dangerous, the cost of energy theft affects us all as it adds an extra £20 to the cost of our energy bills each year.

It can be hard to spot the signs of energy theft, but here are some things to look out for:

A meter that’s been turned around the wrong way so you can’t see the normal dials.
A smell of gas near the meter box.
Bits of rubber tubing instead of pipes.
No visible dial or counter on the meter anymore.
The meter shows credit has run out but gas is still available.
Dials on the meter aren’t going around even when gas is being used.

Whether you’re a member of the public, business, landlord or tenant, if you see something suspicious, report signs of energy theft to keep you, and those around you, safe.

To anonymously report energy theft, call the Stay Energy Safe service powered by Crimestoppers on 0800 023 2777 or report it online

Perth and Kinross Community Watch
23rd November 2022

Neighbourhood Alert

Safety Advice – what3words

To find you more easily in an emergency, many UK Emergency Services, including all Scottish Emergency Services are encouraging you to share your 3 word address.

What is what3words?

what3words has divided the globe into 3m squares and given each one a unique 3 word address. It means everywhere can be located with just three words. what3words is available as a free app for iOS and Android and online map at You can find out more about what3words on the links below:

This is an invaluable tool which has many uses as indicated in the links above but crucially allows emergency services to find your exact location when in areas that are otherwise remote, unknown or unfamiliar.

Please share this advice with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.